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All rings can be made in White, Rose or Yellow Gold and Platinum.

Women's Wedding Rings

As the symbol of your marriage, Wedding Rings are such a special and important momento and when it comes to Women’s Wedding Rings there’s many different design choices that might suit you.

Traditionally, Women’s Wedding Rings were commonly a plain band (as were Gents!). But, these days Diamond bands in all styles are more common and mean your Wedding Ring can truly suit you and your style.

One of our favourites, and a design that complements and looks great with absolutely everything, is a row of Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds. We love setting these in nice open claw setting so that it’s all about the sparkle of the Diamonds, rather than the metal surrounding. It’s a great and classic Wedding ring option that also looks amazing on it’s own, should you choose to wear it this way occasionally.

From here, the world really is your oyster. If you’re after something with a bit of an antique touch, then our Boat Settings are the perfect option. Or, you can simply play with a range of different Diamond shapes, to create maximum sparkle and a unique ring that’s truly you. One of our favourite examples of this is our alternating Oval and Round Diamond band. It’s all about the bling, but its use of classic Diamond shapes means it also has a degree of simplicity about it too.

No matter which design is right for you, it’s all about choosing a Wedding Ring design that will complement your Engagement Ring without overpowering it. Whilst your new band can add different design elements and create a different look, you don’t want a band that will take away from a ring you love so it’s all about creating balance and something that works together with your ring rather than against it.

Getting this right is just about trying on some different ring styles and Diamond sizes in each to find that sweet spot that looks perfect. Don’t be afraid to try a different colour Gold too. Having a White Gold Engagement Ring and adding a Rose Gold Wedding Ring for example, can often look beautiful. The different coloured Gold’s also often means that you can maybe have a more similar style to your Engagement Ring, but your Wedding Band won’t blend in as much as it would if it was in the same colour. It can also be a way to add a bit of interest if you love a really traditional style, but also want to add a bit of style flair.

At the end of the day it’s about finding something that suits you and what you love. The best part about creating each of our rings for each person is that we can really tailor it all to be the perfect option. Be it metal colour, Diamond size, or setting style, it all has to work together to become a ring you can cherish for years to come.