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The Perfect Engagement Ring She Will Love for a Lifetime…




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Specialists in Creating Engagement Rings in Adelaide

When you’re looking for someone to create a symbol of your love, it’s important to find the right fit.

We’ve each got our own tastes, styles and ideas with all the options for engagement rings and we know it can become confusing too…

So we’re here to help make it easy for you.

Sometimes we know exactly what we’re after and it’s simply about finding the right person to create the engagement ring in Adelaide,

and other times we’re looking for someone who can help guide us through the process of buying an Engagement ring in Adelaide, in person, face to face, over the phone, online and without all the hype, and not just be a sales person.

No matter which side you are coming from, finding the right jeweller is important, and we understand you want great service, a relaxed approach and a stress free way to get the best quality and value too.

At Pure Envy, we get it… and it’s all about YOU.

We’re here for the people just like you and we are genuinely interested in your story and what you love.

After all, this is about helping you find the perfect Engagement ring in person – in Adelaide – and without all the pressure and sales talk that can be super confusing at times.

Our clients are not just a number. We build real relationships with the people behind the story, the people behind the memories which this ring is going to represent for a lifetime to come..

Our clients and customers have come to us because they want to deal with someone who appreciates the true significance of their rings,  and this includes the whole way through their journey.

We work for the priceless memories you’ll create that last a lifetime.

It’s all about getting the ultimate reaction when you see your ring for the very first time. The moments and the memories that this ring will represent and the easy way to make absolutely sure your partner loves the ring and the symbol behind everything it represents to you both.

This is what we do…

An entire Experience that you’ll never forget.

So if you are ready to take the next step and ready for us to help make this journey an easy, stress free, relaxed and reliable memory that helps bring your ideas to life… book your appointment to meet with us and discuss all your ideas…

… we’re here to help and we know you’ll love the way we do it too.

For The Ultimate Diamond rings in Adelaide.

One Jeweller Personally Understands:

This Is Your Your Moment – Your Memory – Your Story…

and… It Has To Be Perfect.