How it all started &
what we're about...


How it all started &
what we're about...


In 2002, Scott Anthony and his wife Cathy opened Pure Envy to meet what they saw as a gap in the retail jewellery industry.

The aim was to provide customers with a unique destination experience unlike anything available in Adelaide.  Their showroom was a reflection of this, with its high ceilings, floor to ceiling glass and crisp white interior.

What grew from this was a desire to create a destination experience for customers, where they are made to feel special and have the importance of their occasion reflected in a quality custom made piece. Somewhere they could feel comfortable, listened to and trust that they would end up with the perfect piece at a very comparable price.


Scott began his working life in a carpentry workshop but had a friend who was a jeweller who suggested he give that trade a try. After working at a Wedding ring production company, he was quickly offered an apprenticeship which he accepted.  During his Apprenticeship he entered a National Jewellery competition and won an award for Best Design and Craftsmanship.  While at the Award ceremony,  as a young 19 year old, he saw his piece up on the large screen being applauded by many admired peers, or as he says the cream of the jewellery industry.

This moment cemented his career choice and was when he realised that is what he wanted to do.  Here grew his passion to create his designs and use his way of making pieces to represent people and important events in their lives. Mastering jewellery alone wasn’t where he stopped as his passion for creating quality saw him go on to learn and master the craft of stone setting, setting over 45,000 gemstones in the first two years and going on to spend part of his career as a professional Diamond setter before the Pure Envy dream came alive.

Being an Artisan there are no two the same. No two pieces are the same, and these pieces enable the creator and wearer to tell their story.  There are no limits when designing or finding new ways to work with metals and create unique pieces and leaving his fingerprint on such cherished and important momentos is what Scott loves most.

His craft is a form of self expression. It provides a great sense of achievement with the completion of each piece and the excitement you see when someone sees their piece for the first time.  After 30 years it still feels as a company the same way it always has to Scott, and the desire to push the boundaries further still excites and fuels a philosophy he has passed on to his entire team today.

Scott also has a passion for helping anyone he can, from the many charities Pure Envy has supported, through to his own personal contribution and love of helping others as evidenced through things such as his involvement and motivational coaching of troubled youths as part of the Ice Factor program.


The Pure Envy brand represents much more that just a purchase, each piece has part of the soul of the craftsman and brand behind them.  A proud South Australian, family run business, each of Scott & Cathy’s 4 children have now been part of the journey, working in different capacities at different stages in their lives.

The Pure Envy brand is something both Scott and Cathy are proud to have built. The integrity behind each piece has always been paramount and creation of such lifelong pieces is something the entire Pure Envy team considers a privilege.

Welcome to the Pure Envy family.


Winner Master Jeweller Award

4 Times Winners of ‘Apprentice Jeweller of the Year Awards’.

2 Times Winners of ‘Master Jewellers People’s Choice Awards’

Winner of Design and Craftsmanship of the Year.

Awarded Best Large Jewellery Retailer Australia & New Zealand.

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