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Welcome to the STUDIO by Pure Envy.

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Buying an Engagement, Wedding or Eternity Ring
Can be a Wonderful Experience -

- Or a Total Nightmare -

Most people don't realise they're able to choose which.

Choosing the right Jeweller is the first step.

If you're leaving it to chance, you're risking a disaster.

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When you’re planning on asking the ultimate question and want to know where to get quality engagement rings in Adelaide, look no further.

We’re NOT your average jeweller!

After over 17 years welcoming thousands of happy clients into the Pure Envy family, we’re doing things a little differently…

All because we value YOUR time, and ours.

It’s the Ultimate Up Close, Private, Personal and Exciting Experience.

Bought to you by the very same award-winning team that has bought dreams to life for countless clients and earned a world-class reputation far and wide along the way. 

We know how to make the whole experience easy and stress free for you. 

Talk to us today about the design that reflects your individuality and style, that you’ll both love for a lifetime. Whether it be engagement rings, wedding rings, or a diamond ring, we’re here to assist.

Custom made Onsite in Australia by our very own Multi Award Winning Designer Jewellers.

So book your personal – one on one – appointment online, and we’ll show you how and why we make our designs – ourselves, on-site and with all the care and personal attention you deserve.

We invite you to invest in your experience with us by securing your time with a $59 booking fee.

You’ll soon see exactly why thousands of other happy customers refer their friends and families to see what we do too.

Welcome to the Pure Envy family.

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Congratulations on getting here!

For us… Creating your ring is so exciting…

Not only does it mark these special moments in your life in a symbol that can be cherished forever, but the process of creating your ring is such a great memory too.

After over 30 years creating jewellery, my favourite part is still the reaction you and your partner have when you see your ring for the very first time.

The excitement, joy and love written across their face in that first second is priceless, and it’s all because of You.

When you get to watch your partner’s face in this moment – it will be a moment you will remember forever.

It’s why we spend so much time not just creating your ring, but creating it with all the attention to detail that you both deserve.

BUT, it’s also a pretty sad time in the Jewellery industry if I’m honest.

Standards everywhere are dropping quickly and it’s not pretty.

There’s corners being cut to skimp on costs, standards are going out the door and there’s a lack of care and attention for the meaning behind such important momentos.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for You, as the customer, to distinguish between who’s the real deal and who’s not.

Plenty of companies seem professional and established on the surface, but you soon come to realise their priorities don’t align with yours.

You may notice this when you’re standing in their store, just another number in line, or as the cracks start to show in the Quality ring you’ve just bought home to gift to your loved one.

The GOOD NEWS is, we’re frustrated by all of these things too.

And there is an EASY way for you to avoid going through the pain that comes with this kind of experience.

We’re not your average jeweller, and we’re PROUD of the fact that we do things differently.

Because – This is about YOU.

How would it feel to deal with someone who values how important this is to You…

Who believes in what they do, and what they provide and isn’t afraid to stand behind their product and service and tell you WHY it’s different from the rest.

The STUDIO by Pure Envy is YOUR space.

And by being appointment only – your time here is Yours too.

If you Value your own standards and are looking for someone who recognises how important this is to YOU and follows through with a Quality, Service and EXPERIENCE unlike anything else in Adelaide…

That’s what we do.